How To Make More Friends : 5 Simple Strategies

You probably feel that knowing how to make more friends is the key to having a great circle of friends, while avoiding getting lonely and misunderstood. In this article, we’re going to talk about exactly how to do that, by following 5 simple strategies.

These strategies will not only allow you to make friends in the next weeks, but also help you keep doing it for a long time. Read on…


1 – Decide that you Want More Friends

To be even more accurate, make a decision with yourself that you absolutely need to be making new friends.

Making friends is the key for you to live an interesting life. With new friends, you discover new ways of looking at life, new activities, new ideas, and new ways to have fun.

You also can’t be successful if you’re going to be surrounded with unsuccessful people. You absolutely need a successful group of friends that will inspire you to be the successful person you want to be.

Start be deciding, right now, that making friends is one of your priorities in life.

2 – Accept That You Can’t Always Be Right, and people can’t always be wrong

One of the biggest blocks for having new friends in your life, is cling to your way of thinking, and refuse the ideas of others. Being right, or being wrong isn’t as important as being happy. And, in order to be happy, you need to be open to other people’s ideas, so they can be friends with you.

If you have your own opinions on things, that’s great. And you can make your opinion even more stronger, and well informed, by considering other people’s opinions and perspectives.

If you rely exclusively on your opinion, you probably will miss out on other people’s experiences, skills, and wisdom, that you could make use of, otherwise.

People want to be listened to and respected for any value they add to your life. Being open-minded is the first step for you to appreciate the ideas they share with you.

3 – Connect With A Connector

A great way to meet lots of people quickly, and without a lot of hassle, is to get under the wing of a connector.

These are people who are always meeting new friends, and connecting people together. If you get to know them, and make friends with them, you will automatically meet lots of people, just by staying close to them.

You’ll also learn a lot of techniques that they use to meet and make friends with interesting people.

4 – Explore New Interests and Activities

You don’t have to keep doing it for life, just for a small period, get there, get to know the people, and move on.

A great way to make more friends is to consider new activities, or interests. You can pick a new class, subscribe for three months, and meet some new friends. you don’t have to keep doing it forever.

Most of the time, group activities and meetup groups are free for everyone to join. That’s where you can meet people who also want to make more friends.

The easiest place to make friends, is to go meet people who are also looking for new friends.

5 – Stop Seeing Some Friends (Be Selective)

This may seem insane as this article is about how to see MORE people. But, after many years of experience in making friends, and teaching other people how to do it, I can tell you that selecting the kind of people you accept to hang out with ends up making you see more people, not less.

By deciding to only see a certain kind of people (dependable, honest, open minded, etc.), people realize that you don’t see them just because you want to avoid being alone. Rather, they realize that you’re seeing them because you appreciate their personality.

That makes people like you more, stay friends with you longer, and seek to understand and get close to you.

The result? It’s hard to ever feel lonely when you have the important support of a solid group of friends.